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fedmsg-driven bug reporting tool
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An Automatic Bug Reporting Tool

How it works?

The Bugyou Consumer listens to fedmsg for all the messages. Once message arrives it queues it in the retask queues. The plugins of bugyou consumes from the retask queues and filters the message based on the topic they are subscribed to. Once the plugin gets the designated message it processes it and files a bug into the bug tracking tools like (trac, pagure) etc.

The list of plugins would be maitained in bugyou_plugins.conf in the given format

[autocloud] topic = org.fedoraproject.prod.autocloud.image.failed, org.fedoraproject.prod.autocloud.image.success klass = bugyou_plugins.autocloud.plugin:AutocloudPlugin

The plugin can be started using the command bugyouctl start autocloud. This is start the plugin and send a request to bugyou daemon to create designated queue for the plugin. Once the queue is ready Bugyou Consumer will start pushing messages to that plugin and the new plugin will start consuming those messages