#5 Backport library(kernel/fs)
Opened 4 years ago by astepano. Modified 4 years ago

Kernel tests requires:

    @echo "RhtsRequires:     library(kernel/base)" >> $(METADATA)
    @echo "RhtsRequires:     library(kernel/fs)" >> $(METADATA)

We currently provide library(kernel/base)

Also we need to backport library(kernel/fs)

Which test requires kernel/fs library?


@jheger Hey Jakub, will you have time for this or should we take over?

@mvadkert AFAIK it is still not confirmed whether it is actually needed, the test doesn't directly use functions from the library (that I could see). It wouldn't be easy lib to port, so I wanted to wait for confirmation that it is actually needed.

interesting, will investigate

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