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Upstreamed beakerlib libraries.
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Beakerlib Libraries

Beakerlib Libraries are used by beakerlib tests to encapsulate common complex tasks such as configuring and starting a particular daemon in a single function.

Libraries Naming

Beakerlib libraries are named component/library_name and need to be unique. The component part usually maps to a koji package name in case the library provides component specific functionality. In case the library provides functionality not related to a package name - any arbitrary name can be used.

Directory Organization

The root folder of the project should contain directories matching the component part of the library name. The library_name is the directory inside the component directory and contains the library code.

Building RPM

The beakerlib-libraries noarch RPM is currently built in this Copr repository:

To build use the build_via_copr script located in the root directory of this project. Note that the script requires configured copr cli API as described in

Also build permissions are required for building, ask for permissions of the copr owner here:

The versioning of the RPM is taken from

$ git tag --describe

with stripped commit number. To bump the version of the RPM increase the tag number.