#43 resizefs destroys the image
Opened a year ago by zyklon. Modified a year ago

I just tried to flash the latest Fedora IoT versions onto a disk for my Pi 3B. Sadly, the option --resizefs doesn’t work. When I try to use that function (sudo arm-image-installer --target=rpi3 --image=Downloads/Fedora-IoT-30-20190921.0.aarch64.raw.xz --media=/dev/mmcblk0 --addkey=.ssh/id_ed25519.pub --resizefs), I first get an error when it tries to change the partition layout, because it states that the volume already is in use. Nevertheless it runs through, but later at booting the kernel, I always get an error that the kernel cannot be booted. When I leave out the --resizefs option, it works fine.

Sadly, due to the programs habit of deleting the above console output, I cannot give you the exact error message.

I use v2.13 on Fedora Silverblue 31 beta.

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