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Install and manipulate ARM disk images.
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ARM Tools for writing disk images


This script will automate the process of preparing a Fedora
ARM disk image for use with various hardware targets.

 - Write the selected disk image to media (optional)
 - customize media with platform specific U-Boot file(s)
 - Turn SE Linux on and off
 - Remove the root password
 - Update U-Boot for another Target
To add additional support, create a code snippet file 
(bash script) in the "boards.d" subdirectory with the commands 
needed to write U-Boot for the target board. 

Usage: arm-image-installer <options>

	--image=IMAGE   - xz compressed image file name
	--media=DEVICE  - media device file (/dev/[sdX|mmcblkX])
	--addconsole    - Add system console kernel parameter for the target
	--addkey        - /path/to/ssh-public-key
	--args          - Optional kernel parameters listed in quotes
	--norootpass	- Remove the root password
	--relabel       - SELinux relabel root filesystem on first boot
	--resizefs      - Resize root filesystem to fill media device
	--sysrq		- Enable System Request debugging of the kernel
	--target=TARGET	- target board for uboot
	-y		- Assumes yes, will not wait for confirmation
	--supported     - List of supported hardware
	--version       - Display version and exit

Example: arm-image-installer --image=Fedora-Rawhide.xz --target=panda --media=/dev/mmcblk0 --selinux=OFF


Update to a new u-boot on a disk image from a local host install. Optionally download a specified
newer u-boot from koji by specifying a koji tag.

Usage: update-uboot <options>

	--media=DEVICE	- media device file (/dev/[sdX|mmcblkX])
	--tag=KOJI TAG	- koji tag to download build
	--target=TARGET	- target board

Example: update-uboot --target=panda --media=/dev/mmcblk0