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Install and manipulate ARM disk images.
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ARM Tools for writing disk images


This script will automate the process of preparing a Fedora
ARM disk image for use with various hardware targets.

 - Write the selected disk image to media (optional)
 - customize media with platform specific U-Boot file(s)
 - Turn SE Linux on and off
 - Remove the root password
 - Update U-Boot for a Target
Note that the list of supported devices is a list of devices that arm-image-installer
supports setting up the early boot firmware, it does not indicate the level of
support for the device in Fedora for things like kernel drivers, functionality like
display, audio, USB or any other specific hardware feature.

To add additional support, create a code snippet file 
(bash script) in the "boards.d" subdirectory with the commands 
needed to write U-Boot for the target board. 

Usage: arm-image-installer <options>

	--image=IMAGE   - xz compressed image file name
	--media=DEVICE  - media device file (/dev/[sdX|mmcblkX])
	--addconsole    - Add system console kernel parameter for the target
	--addkey        - /path/to/ssh-public-key
	--args          - Optional kernel parameters listed in quotes
	--norootpass    - Remove the root password
	--relabel       - SELinux relabel root filesystem on first boot
	--resizefs      - Resize root filesystem to fill media device
	--showboot	- Show boot messages, removes 'rhgb quiet' from kargs
	--sysrq         - Enable System Request debugging of the kernel
	--target=TARGET - target board for uboot
	-y              - Assumes yes, will not wait for confirmation
	--supported     - List of hardware we support writing out boot firmware
	--version       - Display version and exit

Example: arm-image-installer --image=Fedora-Rawhide.xz --target=pine64_plus --media=/dev/mmcblk0


Update to a new u-boot on a disk image from a local host install. Optionally download a specified
newer u-boot from koji by specifying a koji tag.

Usage: update-uboot <options>

	--media=DEVICE	- media device file (/dev/[sdX|mmcblkX])
	--target=TARGET	- target board

        --tag=KOJI TAG  - koji tag to download build
        --reboot        - reboot after update

Example: update-uboot --target=pine64_plus --media=/dev/mmcblk0