.. abstract::
  An explanation of the purpose of anerist.
  Also provides usage information.

 the Anerist
 the documentation indifference engine

.. note: This project is under active development.  

This "docker" branch contains a somewhat reusable configuration for testing.  A distributable rendition of anerist's python modules is maintained in the master branch.  

The master branch is mostly maintained via `ghp-import` and so the anerist branch will have the most informative changelog.  Please send your patches against this branch for now.

    The Aneristic Principle is that of APPARENT ORDER; the Eristic
    Principle is that of APPARENT DISORDER. Both order and disorder are man made
    concepts and are artificial divisions of PURE CHAOS, which is a level deeper
    that is the level of distinction making.

    -- A monkey

Anerist is a collection of Python scripts for buildbot.  It processes documentation of a variety of formats and generates a website frontend for browsing all processed docs.

Quick Start


  touch rebuild
  sudo rebuild_containers.sh
  #hack hack hack
  sudo rebuild-containers.sh

Builder roles

For each known markup format, Anerist provides four types of BuildSteps for processing

A validation factory ingests changes from VCS and builds the document to test them.  It may integrate unit tests such as those offered by `emender <https://github.com/emender/emender>`_.

If a build is successfully validated, new strings are generated for translation and pushed to a translation platform, currently Zanata.

The extractor retrieves metadata from documents in the working directory, converts to a JSON format, and saves it in a file.::

    "title":  "The Article Title",
    "slug":   "machine_readable_title_representation",
    "date":   "2015-07-2015",
    "taxonomy": "Category/Subcategory/Section",
    "tags": ["topic", "attribute", "keyword"],
    "source_type": "rst"

Values should prefer command line arguments over derived values when given.

Metadata that describes the work is extracted from the content.  This information is used during the Assembly process to determine site structure present the document.

A production factory builds the content in a format designed for web viewing and pushes it to a central location for later processing by the Assembler.

The Assembler
The Assembler processes a directory containing all production builds of all known documentation.  It does not yet exist.