"Getting Started with Fedora" handbook in asciidoc format (originally written in Czech language)

The goal of the project is to provide "Getting Started with Fedora" handbook in simple structured format easy to process with other tools. (For translation purposes to other languages etc.)

Release Cycle

New versions of the handbook should be released once a year. And releases are named after the calendar year (2017, 2018,...). The handbook is written in the way that it contains no Fedora release specific information. We know that translating, typesetting and printing the handbook is difficult enough for smaller national communities to produce a new version of the handbook every year. It should be OK to do it by-early for instance.


We'd like to see the handbook translated into as many languages as possible. If you'd like to translate it into your language, just fork the project, create a directory for your language (named after the code of your language, e.g. cs-CZ) and copy all the translated content there. Chapters are translated as whole files in the asciidoc format. Screenshots have to be localized as well.

Note that the master branch is always a subject of change. That's where we work on the next version. You can translate it, but bear in mind that the content may change and you'll have to translate it again. It's safe to translate branches with stable releases. After the handbook is released, we will keep changes at minimum fixing just most severe problems.

Generating the Handbook

Each language directory contains make.sh script that generates the handbook in the html, pdf, docbook formats from the source files.

For the make.sh to work you need to install:

sudo dnf install rubygem-asciidoctor-pdf rubygem-coderay


The PDF file generated by the make.sh is not meant to be a print PDF. We recommend you do it in LaTex. There is no direct converter from asciidoc to LaTex, but you can take the docbook export and convert it to LaTex and then manually prepare the final print PDF. Each language needs to have its own print LaTex files because it's something hard to automate and every language has different typesetting rules. The paper size of the handbook is meant to be A5 (or its closest US counterpart).

The cover needs to be translated and prepated separately. Please ask the Fedora design team if you need help with it.

Please keep all files that generate the final print PDF in the language directory as well.


We have a printing shop in the Czech Republic which printed the first version in good quality and for a very good price (~$.50). Handbooks for communities in the EU can be printed there if we're provided with an acceptable print PDF. Communities outside the EU have to find their own vendors. To get a budget, you should ask your regional ambassadors community.