#99 APPROVED: Budget For Release Party Fedora 20 - Beijing, China
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We are planning a Fedora 20 release party in Beijing, China. The estimated number of participants is 50. The wiki link is at ​​https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F20_Beijing .

||= Description =||= Quantity =||= Amount =||
|| Live DVD || 50 || CNY 225 = USD 36.69 ||
|| Posters || 1 || CNY 70 = USD 11.41 ||
|| Badge || 5 || CNY 20 = USD 3.26 ||
|| Food & Drinks || || CNY 300 = USD 48.93 ||
|| TOTAL || || CNY 615 = USD 100.3 ||

Hi there,

This ticket was discussed in the APAC meeting on December 21 2013 and approved. Please have a great release event.


Please do update the wiki page with links to the event reports and photos. Please do also provide the links here. These are necessary for reimbursement.

Please upload receipts of all expenses in readable pdf files to make it easy for Jeorg to go through them and file them. If they're not in English, and English translation would be required.

Amount approved: $101.

Warm regards,[[BR]]
On behalf of the APAC Ambassador team,[[BR]]

I am having problems uploading the pdf of receipts. No error is shown, but it is not shown up as attached. However, I can upload the jpg version without issues. Is there any change to the trac settings?

The actual cost in the receipts is CNY 202.5 (40 dvd + 5 badge), plus CNY 403 (pizza for food). The total amount is CNY 605.5 = USD 99.2 .

Sorry the second receipt is hardly readable, even on paper. With careful observation you might recognize the charge in the lower part: 403 in arabic, and 肆佰零叁圆整 in Chinese capital.

out of money till around 21.01.2014

What is the status now? My paypal account is alick9188 AT gmail DOT com.

Alick Zhao

USD99.2 have just been transfered to Alick Zhao Tao's paypal. Closing this ticket

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