#98 APPROVED: Travel subsidy for kushal to FOSSASIA 2014
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I need sponsorship help for travel+ staying during FOSSASIA 2014, I wil be presenting a talk on testing Fedora cloud images on Eucalyptus private cloud and another one on "Document your code", for the developers on how to efficiently document one's code.

Flight tickets will cost around 36k INR (Flights without 8-10 hours waiting) + staying will be extra.


36k INR = 579.232$ (from oanda.com)

  • hotel money.


This ticket was discussed and approved at the Fedora APAC meeting on January 4, 2013.

We hope you have a good event. We look forward to the event reports and photographs. Please add links to the wiki page and mention them here on the ticket too.

Please remember to upload all your receipts in good quality images as pdf files. If they're too big for trac, please upload them elsewhere at a publicly accessible site (like your fedorapeople space) and provide links here for the time being. (We've requested infra to increase the upload limit already). Please note that the amount spent should be clear in the receipts, and if possible, English translations of receipts in other languages would be most helpful. If you're flying, please also scan and upload images of the boarding passes for each flight that you take.

Please also provide your paypal account information as USERNAME AT SOMETHING DOT COM when you upload your receipts for easy reimbursements.

Please note that Mario is going to manage accomodations for all Fedora travellers to fossasia and has filed a separate ticket for it (#107). This ticket is therefore only for travelling expenses.

Amount approved: 600$

Thanks [[BR]]
Warm regards [[BR]]

Replying to [comment:4 kushal]:

Managed to by cheaper flight: Rs. 22607

So the total amount for reimbursement is Rs. 22,607, isn't it?

What should be the next step?

hi kushal,

can you share with me your paypal address in the form of user AT domain.tld


kushaldas AT gmail.com

Any update on this one?


Just pinging once more.

reimbursement was sent a while ago

Thanks for contributing to Fedora project :)

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