#91 APPROVED: Budget For Release Party Fedora 19 - Beijing, China
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We are planning a Fedora 19 release party in Beijing, China. The estimated number of participants is 50. The wiki link is at ​https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F19_Beijing .

|| Live DVD || 50 || CNY 225 = USD 36.41 ||
|| Posters || 1 || CNY 70 = USD 11.33 ||
|| Food & Drinks || || CNY 300 = USD 48.55 ||
|| TOTAL || || CNY 595 = USD 96.3 ||

The event report can be found at https://wp-awesome.rhcloud.com/2013/08/22/f19-relparty-beijing-report/ . I have also sent an email to the ambassador list.

The actual total cost is CNY 665.2 = USD 107.86, which is a little higher than the budget. The main reason is that we made some badges for organizers to make it easier for attendees to ask for help, which is not reflected in the budget. Can the total cost be reimbursed?

The extra cost is not much so it's fine, I think.

Please wait for jsimon. He may be a bit busy at this moment.

FYI, my paypal account is alick9188 at gmail dot com.

i can not read the invoices, but if i count the numbers i can read on the papers you have attached, i can count up to around 688,00 CNY so i will reimburse the '''CNY 665.2''' as reported above

please take care for more readable receipts in the future - thanks

according to oanda CNY 665.2 are 108,50 usd - reimbursed

Thanks. I confirm that the reimbursement is received.

The amount is correct. Maybe the change fund on one receipt caused confusion. I'll take care in the future.

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