#89 APPROVED: Release Party F19 Taipei Budget
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We, the fedora ambassadors in Taiwan are preparing for the f19 release party.

wiki page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F19_Taipei

The location is booked as in GozCafe. The site renting is around 4500TWD (about 150.61USD) for 30 persons, and 3000TWD (about 100.41USD) for 20 persons. However, the fee is just a approximated amount but not fixed. It depends on how many people and how much the food or drink they will provide. We decided to rent the area which could hold 20 persons. We will confirm the reservation with GozCafe in these days.

I will go to GozCafe in Taipei from Taichung. I will take Taiwan High Speed Railway to get to Taipei Main Station. The transportation fee is 665TWD (the least expensive seat level) for each way, so it is 1300TWD (about 44.52USD) in total. As to the rest of the fee to take Metro from Taipei Main Station to GozCafe, I will pay it myself.

The budget table
1. site renting fee for 20-persons-area:
* 3000TWD (about 100.41USD) at least

  1. the transportation fee for event organizer from Taichung HSR station to Taipei Main Station (go-to and go-back):
    * 1300TWD (about 44.52USD)

Total 4300TWD (about 143.92USD) at least

If other expenses are needed, I will update it as soon as possible.

The ticket has been approved in 3rd of August meeting: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2013-08-03/fedora_apac_2013-08-03.2013-08-03-03.30.html

with comment/action to zerng07 update the wiki page with all proper info's http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F19_Taipei

Amount approved: 150 USD.


  1. Site rental fee: 3000 NTD, about 100.2 USD
  2. HSR tickets (go-to and go-back): 675 NTD x 2 (1350 NTD, about 45.1 USD)

Total 4350 NTD (about 146 USD)

Hi, I have attached the receipts, translations and my report. What's next for me to do to get reimbursement?

Please wait for jsimon. He may be a bit busy at this moment.

Isn't there anyway to make sure if jsimon saw this issue or not? Should we assign him?

f20 release party is open to be planned now, but I haven't received the reimbursement for f19 event now.

Is that normal to all of the ambassadors? Or it's just my personal situation?

Jeorg's probably just a little busy. There's not much you can do than wait. Hopefully we'll have another CC holder for APAC soon which should make reimbursements quicker.

i can not find a Paypal address here in the ticket to reimburse to

Thanks, my Paypal address is "pswo10680@hotmail.com".

please use proper format for invoice reporting according to the mainpage of this trac instance

this is the last time i reimburse tickets '''without receipts attached as PDF'''!!!

Sorry about that I havn't noticed the new rule to have organize all the receipts into one pdf file.

I would like to upload one but failed because of file size limit is only 256KB.

Here is the external pdf link.

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