#84 Travel Subsidies for Fedora 19 Release Party in Can Tho, Vietnam
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I am planning to travel to Can Tho city (southern of Vietnam) to organize Fedora 19 Release Party. It is one of the first Fedora events/activities in Mekong Delta area.

Cost breakdown:
* Banner/Poster: 150,000 VND
* Travel and accommodation: 4,500,000 VND
* Total: 4,650,000 VND ~ about $220.

There is also support from Cantho University (host) and some Fedora/FOSS contributors in Cantho.

Note: Media and swag would be produced separately for all three Fedora 19 Release Parties along Vietnam (in Hanoi, Danang and Cantho).

See the event page for details: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F19_Cantho


This was discussed and approved in the APAC meeting on June 08 2013:


In general, we're hesitant about sponsoring release parties over $100. In this case, it's a compulsion. The maximum required funds are for travel. Since Tuan is a long time member, and Nanthang, a fellow ambassador is also at the event, we've decided to sponsor the event.

We look forward to event reports + photos + receipts.

Warm regards,

For avoiding any of misunderstandings, I would like to make this clearer:

Thang just help me to organize facilities, media, swag, etc. He can not attend the event in person because of high travel cost (you can see in the cost breakup, it's for only one person)

Btw, thanks for support me to spread Fedora out more.

The event date should be changed to 17th or 24th of August because July is Summer Break time.

I discussed with Can Tho University (the host location) and they suggested it is not the right time, almost students (my wanted audiences) would be back to their home (maybe faraway, in other provinces).

I see it is over a month from release date (2nd of July) so it should not be a Release Party. However, I still want to make it. I hope to spread Fedora out more, meet more potential Fedora contributors, etc.
So if the event name needs to be changed (not a Release Party) I'd be happy to do, something like a Fedora meetup.

I think it's necessary to make some minor changes then go through for re-approval so I would change back the keywords from approved to meeting again.
Any advice or ideas?

Sorry to report this lately.

I see no reason to re-approve this. If any one has any questions please comment.

The event name has been changed to "Fedora Community Engagement Can Tho 2013" to make it a generic event, not a release party.


Thank you all for supporting it.

The event was happened. Event report has been posted to mailing list, wiki, and then here: http://blog.iwayvietnam.com/tuanta/2013/08/25/fedora-community-engagement-can-tho-2013/

In summary, actual cost is as estimated (below).

||= Item || Cost
|| Flight || 2,920,000
|| Hotel || 1,224,000
|| Media || 400,000
|| Printing || 120,000
|| Sub Total || 4,691,000

Except some extra costs for Transportation Airport to/from Downtown:
190,000 + 420,000 + 220,000 = 830,000

Total: 5,494,000 VND

I am uploading all receipts now.

It's good to get all expenses reimbursed. However, if we need everything in-planned, I can cover extra costs for airport transportations by my owned pocket.

Please let me know if you have any questions/comments.

I am re-uploading all tickets in PDF format.

Just replaced 4 out of 6 receipts from jpg to pdf format.

Two others could not be upload since it is larger than 256k after converting.
Are you ok to read them in jpg format instead?

i need a paypal address to reimburse to

My PayPal address is dtanh (at) yahoo (dot) com

this ticket is a usability horror!!! fuzzy

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this ticket is a usability horror!!! fuzzy

Sorry, I do not understand your point(s) here.
Could you please explain me more then I can do better next times?

Btw, I got the reimbursement. Thanks for your supports.


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