#82 Let the CC holder assign a particular day of the week as "Reimbursement day"
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== Background ==

As part of the event process, we only discuss event approvals once in two weeks, at our bi-weekly meetings. Therefore, if you have the details of your event ready and on the wiki/ticket, we either approve or deny reimbursement. What this implies is that if you don't have your event set up, you wait another two weeks for approval.

This has quite a few advantages:

  1. All of us follow the event guidelines (or wait another two weeks).
  2. We can discuss all events at once, rather than randomly all throughout the week. This in turn makes it easier for other folks:
    a. Helps Tuan keep track of the budget
    b. Puts out a fixed timing that everyone can put aside for this task
    c. ensures no events get skipped because the ticket was filed in the "middle of the night"

== Proposal ==

In line with this, I propose that the APAC CC holder be allowed to fix one day of the week as "Reimbursement day". What this means is that the CC holder picks a day, when he is likely to have most free time, and only goes through pending reimbursements on this day. If you don't have your receipts in order by this time, you wait another week for your reimbursement.

Similar to the bi-weekly event approval, this has similar advantages:
1. Ensures that the CC holder can go through all tickets at once, therefore not missing any
2. Ensures he doesn't have to keep checking the trac all through the week
3. Ensures event owners follow the event guidelines
4. Ensures the budget handler has an easier time updating his records
5. Ensures the CC holder has an easier time with his records
6. Ensures event owners know when they'll get their money reimbursed

To start with, I propose a weekly cycle for reimbursements. However, depending upon the frequency of events, this could later be tweaked to bi-weekly too.

This does not mean that no "emergency reimbursements" will be made. However, this attempts to minimize such situations.

This is just a tiny tweak in our attempt to improve budget handling. I think this is done in the other regions, if only unofficially and undocumented. I'd like this included in the reimbursement guidelines, so that everyone is aware of how exactly they get reimbursed.

I would prefer a biweekly frequency or less. As work-related things tend to pop up randomly throughout my week.

Generally, I have most free time during weekends (unless some urgent bugs/support tickets pop-up that i need to fix / rushing to clear project / having to go to meetups) ..

I assume the preferred reimbursement is Paypal I suppose (which should be pretty straightforward)?. Any idea how the flow would be if its done differently? (eg: western union). Also, what are the general preferred method of reimbursement of most people in APAC? considering not all country have a way to withdraw through Paypal, and things like western union would need me to be going to the respective service counters to send them - which would require more time for the process..

Decision was made in the APAC Ambassadors 2013-05-18 meeting to appoint [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Izhar Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail] as the APAC Credit Card holder.

[https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Izhar Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail] (KageSenshi) already received the card from RH and I think this is a really good plan to go ahead with reimbursements.[[BR]]


Hi .. currently i'm doing this on a once a month basis ... as that fits with my workload better at the moment ..

I think, it's better to do this twice per month since, at least for ones using PayPal (you can process them out of your working time. Sometimes, people need money back soon for their daily expenses.

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