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We (Fedora India, Women in Free S/W and Culture India, GLUG Kolkata, Mozilla ) are having an Online event on Free s/w and culture on 20th May 2013. We need some funds for prizes and certificates mainly.

A budget estimate is Rs 5000/= only.


http://wiki.culturefreedomday.org/2013/India/Kolkata/GLUG-Kolkata (details will be added shortly)

Please put up a wiki page with as much information as you can. I'm adding the meeting keyword so this can be discussed at the very next meeting. Please look out for mails and try to be present at this meeting.


More Information about event and Budget estimate:

Cultural Freedom Day will be celebrated by the Indian team through the active collaboration of the following Free Software groups:

  1. Women in Free Software and Culture
  2. Kolkata GLUG
  3. Fedora India
  4. Mozilla India
  5. Many Others

On the day we intend to organise two hackathons, a tutorial and a pair of competitions. All of these will be conducted through the Web.

Tentative Schedule:

  1. Competition-1 will be on digital art using exclusively Free Software tools.
    The proposed theme is "Women and Gender Related Issues". Participants will be judged on their knowledge, expression, clarity and quality of work. Semantic part of this competition will be managed by A. Mani. One additional expert will judge the artistic quality.

  2. Media-wiki Hackathon conducted by Sucheta Ghoshal. This hackathon will include an introduction and more advanced parts. These are outlined at http://etherpad.wikimedia.org/beginner-hackathons-thoughts .

  3. Hackathon + Tutorial on Localisation by Chandan Kumar.

  4. GIMP/Inkscape Tutorial by Ashfaq Farooqui.

  5. Competition-2 will be a quiz on Free Software, Distros, Philosophy and Policy Conducted by a substantial part of organizers.

  6. Educational Tutorials on Free software and Culture will also be part of the gallery.

Both competitions will involve interesting prizes.

We intend to publicize the event through various channels to ensure good participation.

Budget Estimate:

Prizes: Pen drives with live Fedora

Cost per prize including postage = Rs 400 --500
Total number of prizes = 9

Publicity through Paid channels: Rs 1000

Printed Certificates for Event including postage : Rs 3000 (unsure, will be decided on 12th May)

Buffer : Rs 500.

Total Budget Estimate: Rs 6000 -- 9000

Thank you for the detailed information. That will certainly help the folks make an informed decision.

I'm going to '''insist''' that you make a wiki page, add this info there and then add the wiki page to the Fedora Events page too. It's the method that's been set up, and you really should follow it :)
(The wiki page and listing on events page are '''mandatory''' and blockers)

I've also noticed that the original budget requirement was 5000INR and now has gone up to 6000INR - 9000INR which is almost 2x. Is the new figure final?

While I see "Fedora India" mentioned on your list of collaborators, I don't see anything in the current plan that's Fedora related :( (other than the pen drives, of course). I expect Chandan's hackathon is fedora related? Is that all? Who are the other parties that are supporting this event? Is Fedora the only one actually providing you with finances?

Basically, what I'm seeing is that Fedora only seems to be a collaborator because it may provide the funds required for the prizes. Is this the case? Have none of your other collaborators agreed to support you with finances for logistics? :/

Thanks a lot.

I have added it to events page. Where should I add the wiki page? There is no pattern.

This is the latest confirmed part: http://wiki.culturefreedomday.org/2013/India/Kolkata/GLUG-Kolkata

Only the confirmed events have been listed. There will be more. We have contacted fedora people too.
More slots are definitely possible as it is a web event. Fedora-women seems to be a dead list. What do you suggest?

The only distribution directly involved in all this is Fedora, so I can make the distro part Fedora specific in quiz-2 too.

Mozilla is probably taking the web part. I will know about the rest soon.

Replying to [comment:4 amani]:

Thanks a lot.

I have added it to events page. Where should I add the wiki page? There is no pattern.

Hi Mani,

Please use this template: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Event_Wiki_Template

You can add it at wiki/<date>_Culture_Freedom_day or something similar. There isn't a strict guideline, as long as the page is easy enough to find :)

Update: we have decided to postpone the event to 15th June 2013 because of multiple reasons including 'college exams of potential participants'. But the program on 15th June will include more sessions and so the above request stands.

The irc meeting summary and log is at http://wfs-india.dreamwidth.org/.
I will add the essential points to the Fedora event page on 16th of May.

UPdates: We have decided on Poster competition, Hackathon on Git and Essay competition.
Details are at https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!forum/wfs-india

I will update the fedora wiki page tomorrow.

The budget estimate should exclude 'Publicity through Paid channels' and
'Printed Certificates for Event including postage'

So we need exactly Rs 5000.

NOTE : This is pending approval and as requested the amount will be USD 90 (equal to INR 5000 as at today) and falling to FY 2014 Q2 period.

A note:

The event has already been announced. However, '''this ticket has not been approved'''! The ticket '''must''' be approved before the event is announced. There have been multiple APAC meetings since the ticket was filed, but the ticket was not brought up because the organizers have not been present in the meetings.

We're all for supporting ambassadors, but the guidelines put in place absolutely '''MUST''' be followed.


This ticket was discussed in the Fedora APAC meeting on June 8 2013 and approved. Various concerns were raised and the organizers have taken note of these.


Please upload your receipts + links to photos + event reports etc. and wait for reimbursements as detailed here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Reimbursement

Please note, that for all future events, the ticket must be approved before the event so that the community members have enough time to go through the event details etc. This ticket was granted an exception, however, such exceptions are rare and not to be taken for granted.

Warm regards,

We have extended the deadline of the Competition to 30th June'2013 for coordination reasons.

So I guess it will be better to submit it after 1st July.

I can submit all receipts except for the courier charges now itself though.

Which option would be better?

Thanks and Best

A. Mani

attach all receipts related to this approved event - as long we stay within the budget i will also cover the shipping costs -
what exactly is the approved ammount? 5000 INR?
please provide a paypal account to reimburse the money

Hi Joerg,

Yes. The amount approved is 5000INR.


Reimbursement generally happens after the event is over, so after the prize winners are announced and their prizes couriered in this case. I'd prefer it to stay that way. The courier charges may not be much, but they do signify completion of the event.

You can start attaching your receipts though. No problem there. The courier receipts can be attached once you have them.

Warm regards,


I am attaching the receipts ()

Break up would be like:

16 GB Pen drives x 3 : Rs 2050

8 GB Pen drives x 3 : Rs 950

Courier charges (dtdc estimate): Rs 600

Grand Total: Rs 3600

Books : I will just add free CCSA e-books to drive with live Fedora (design spin).

My email id is all right for Paypal : a.mani.cms@gmail.com

Thanks and Regards

A. Mani

We had three winning entries in all and top prizes (pen drives with live Fedora Design iso + TexLive 2013 iso + other swag) have already been sent.


The event report will take some time after the gallery on site is up.

Scan of courier receipt is attached .

I am left with three pen drives for next Fedora event.

Thanks and Regards

A. Mani

please provide your paypal account to reimburse you

the courier charges are not readable for me - i see a total, but i can not clearly determine the numbers, therefore i only reimburse the other invoices

please also read "Please help us making the reporting for your reimbursements easier" on the frontpage of this trac and attach future receipts as pdf - saves my time

a. mani btw. i need you full name for reporting to RH and from my personal interest where are the winner pictures?

Thanks for the payment.

My full name is A. Mani

First Name: Mani

Last name: A

Winner's pictures are at http://www.wfs-india.org/node/46

sorry, i made a mistake. just added the attachment to the wrong issue

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