#79 Share Tuan's budgeting responsibilities
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== Proposal ==
I'd like for someone else from APAC to also share Tuan's budgeting duties.

== Why? ==
We've learnt that having only one point of contact for anything is a bad idea. (We had delays each time Harish was busy, since he was the only point of contact for reimbursements.)

From this experience, I propose that someone along with Tuan should handle the APAC budget. This ensures the following:
Tuan's burden is shared. (He's already very very busy!)
In case Tuan is absent, for whatever reason, the other budget handler is still available to the APAC ambassadors for questions/queries/other budget related tasks.

== What I expect from this ticket ==
Well, I expect folks to come forward and take up this responsibility. It's an excellent chance for the newer ambassadors to get more involved. It's an excellent opportunity to help APAC maintain it's growth.

I do not want to propose any candidates without speaking to them. I will speak to people and make proposals, even if I have to bribe them with beer!

In the very depressing scenario that we have no volunteers at all, I will help Tuan out. I do not expect this to happen. I'm merely offering myself as a backup candidate.

However, I will put down a list of folks who I'd not like in this position, either because they're already working enough, or that they're already well established ambassadors and do not need this learning opportunity:
Tuan (he's already the current handler, so he's out)
kushal (well established, enough work)
mbuf (well established, enough work)
Dramsey (Well established, does not need the experience)
FranciscoD (backup, if no one else comes forward, enough experience, enough work, but since he proposed the ticket, he will help out if no one else comes forward)
bckurera (Has enough on his plate already)
kegesenshi (Enough work, well established ambassador)
azneita (Enough work, well established)

Ideal candidates would be either ambassadors who have just been approved via mentorship, or prospective ambassadors still being mentored.

I haven't talked to any of these yet, but here are my candidates, from newer ambassadors who attended the last meeting:

  • Nitesh
  • udinnet
  • suresht
  • nanthang

I'd love to offer my self to help with Tuan :)

Replying to [comment:2 suresht]:

I'd love to offer my self to help with Tuan :)

Thanks suresht. I would be really nice to have your helps.

And... the first task :) is to update APAC budget page [1] with actual spent fees. You can get a lot of information from Jsimon's report [2] (he is the only CC holder to support APAC reimbursement this year).

All updates should refer to the ticket in APAC trac [3].

Please consider if you can get it done before this week APAC meeting.

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Budget

[2] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Jsimon/community_credit_card_report

[3] https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/

I'd like to share Tuan's budgeting duties too. I and suresht will do the first task.

@tuanta: thanks for your help

Finally, we got suresht and nangthang voluntarily to help tuanta to maintain the APAC Budget page. Thanks.

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