#78 Inform current budget status every alternate meeting
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== Proposal ==

Since we've been trying to improve our budget handling, I propose we simply mention the current status of the budget in every alternate meeting (monthly, since our meetings are bi-weekly). I do not want to hold special "budget meetings". I think the bi-weekly meetings will be enough. At each of these meetings, a volunteer can also send a tiny "APAC budget update" to the lists, again ensuring that people are aware of what's happening and how.

Mention last month's budget statistics in meeting as info items
A volunteer send a special "budget update" email to list after meeting

Since Tuan is handling the budget, it's his responsibility for the time being.

== Why? ==

Simply mentioning what the budget was a month back, and what it is now ensures we look at a couple of important statistics:
What we spent in the month
How many events we had
What was money used for? Travel? Swag?
What percentage of budget have we spent already
* What percentage of budget we have remaining

These are just four I can think off the top of my head. Having these stats pop up from time to time in the logs will help ensure that everyone knows the budget status.

== Long term goal ==

At the end of a budget cycle, I'd like to be able to analyze how our budget was used:

  • Total available budget for previous cycle
  • Total used budget for previous cycle
  • Total available budget
  • Total spent budget
  • What did we spend on? Travel? Swag?
  • Which months did we have most events? Why?
  • Which months did we have least events? Why?
  • Which events are recurring, say yearly, or even quarterly?

Just having the data will enable us to find a lot of other statistics too. Looking at all these statistics will be very very important if we want to continue to improve our budget handling.

A really good idea. But we need a volunteer to make this happen.

The current status of APAC Budget in FY2014 has been updated.
Please kindly review it at: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Budget

And we will discuss it in this Saturday meeting.

Thanks for your work Tuan. We discussed this in the meeting on December 21 2013. Please read the logs for details and updates:



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