#76 APPROVED: Support for Fedora Event in Danang, Vietnam (April, 2013)
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Fedora Vietnam Community is going to attend two big FOSS events (National FOSS Conference & FOSS [at] Duy Tan University Meetup). The event is planned for two days (25 to 26 April, 2013) at ‚Äč[http://www.dsp.vn/Default.aspx?id_NgonNgu=EN Danang Software Park], Vietnam.

Event details could be found here: [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Nangthang/Fedora_Meetup_Danang_Apr_2013]

It will cost around USD 150 for my travel and the others.

I would like to ask for funding from Fedora. It's good to cover the total of that amount but it's also fine to cover a half.

Of course, all receipts, reports and photos would be uploaded after the event.

Rgds, Thang


This ticket was discussed in the APAC meeting on 2013-04-20 and we've decided to approve your event for sponsorship.


Thank you for taking the time to hold a Fedora event. We wish you a successful event. You will be reimbursed once the requirements have been attached to the ticket. Since Tuan is your mentor, I expect everything will work out flawlessly.

Assigning to Kital. Looking forward to a great event, reports, photos, and receipts.

Warm regards,

I changed the wiki name of the event to [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Meetup_Danang_25_April_2013].

I hope that we will have a successful event. Have a nice day, everyone :)

Rgds, Thang


I am so glad to announce that the event was successfully organized in Danang, Vietnam. Event report is here: [http://thangnguyennang.wordpress.com/2013/05/05/fedora-meetup-in-danang-report/].

I'll update receipts soon.

Have a great Fedora day!

-- Thang --

@jsimon: please let me know when you can reimburse me (amount approved is $150).

Nanthang, can you please update your wiki page with the report and photo links too. They aren't up on the wiki page yet.

@ankursinha: I've just updated the wiki, thanks for reminding

@jsimon: please transfer the reimbursement to tuanta's paypal address (dtanh [at] yahoo [dot] com), thanks

Replying to [comment:10 nangthang]:

@jsimon: please transfer the reimbursement to tuanta's paypal address (dtanh [at] yahoo [dot] com), thanks

Yes. Because Thang has not got a PayPal account, I can receive the money and withdraw to him.

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