#74 APPROVED: Fedora Technical Seminar with F18 University of Rajarata, Sri Lanka
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After discussion with local ambassadors, we've decided to have a F18 release party in University of Rajarata, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. The target audience is around 200. Since the new academic year intake is commencing on 22nd April, Freshers CS and ICT students will also be there. So there'll be a good potential to join lot of new contributors in to f.pro.

[http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F18_University_of_Rajarata Release Party F18 University of Rajarata]

Below are the expected rough costs (Will be updated).

Cost Breakdown :
||= Description =||= Amount =||
|| F 18 Media (DVD) || $140 ||
|| Stickers || $27 ||
|| Food || $190 ||
|| Total || $ 357 ||

More information added to the wiki page. Since there are around 200 participants, allocating at least $1 for each participant's snack seems fair to me. Any way your comments are most welcome.
By the way I'm changing the event name because its kinda late to do it as a F18 release party where F19 is to be out soon. Also this will be a larger event than a release party. I mean it'll be more formally organized and it'll take around 4-5 hours.

It is possible to use the allocated budget for "GSoC events in Sri Lanka" in https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Budget which is USD 315 to cover the expenses of this event since we were not able to host that event.

Hi there,

This ticket was discussed in the bi weekly apac meeting on 2013-05-04. We've decided to approve your request for 360$. Assigning to kital. Please put up event reports, photos, and receipts once your event is done. Have a great event!

Warm regards,

please take care that all invoices are clearly readable!


Attached herewith, the F18 media production and SWAG (Stickers) production expense receipts. Due to the tight schedule of the hosting university, we had to place the event on 25th of July in the calendar. And I've created a blog post[0] and updated the event page[1] accordingly.

Note:- Please don't close the ticket after the reimbursement of attached receipt amount. The food expenses of event date it self yet to come. There is a slight difference between proposed amount and actual amount of stickers because of the printing and shape cutting cost. But the total amount of the event will not be exceed and extra expense for the stickers will balanced by food expense.

We, Sri Lankans don't have the money receiving feature in our paypal accounts due to government regulations. So can you please use any other alternative like moneybookers.com for the reimbursements?

[0] - [http://blog.uditha.org/getting-reday-for-the-fedora-event-university-of-rajarata][[BR]]
[1] - [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Technical_Seminar_with_F18_University_of_Rajarata]

have seen it - but money for this month is out will reimburse it asap as we have fresh money next month

Replying to [comment:9 jsimon]:

have seen it - but money for this month is out will reimburse it asap as we have fresh money next month

Thanks :) By that time, I'll be able to add the food expense receipt and also the event report.

Unfortunately event date is been changed a bit (Due to the hall booking rush in the hosting University). But this time it is 100% confirmed, 5th of August 9.30AM onward. BTW we have the finalized agenda in the wiki page and that wiki page is the final version of this event[0]. Also there is an update in my blog [1].

Note:- Please don't close the ticket after the reimbursement of attached receipt amounts. The food expense receipts yet to come (Since food need to be brought @ the event date itself). I'll upload those receipts as soon as the event finished.

[0] -> [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Technical_Seminar_with_F18_University_of_Rajarata][[BR]]
[1] -> http://blog.uditha.org/getting-reday-for-the-fedora-event-university-of-rajarata

Ping jsimon (As this is 1st of August) :)

The moneybookers.com account details:

Email : udithabnd [at] gmail [dot] com

Ideally reimbursements are made after the event is held. I suggest you re-ping after your event reports etc. have been put up Udinnet. I'm also unsure of whether Jeorg uses moneybookers. He'll let you know though.

We had a great event. And the event report[0] and photo album[1] is up. Please wait for the rest of receipts. They'll be uploaded soon.

[0] - [http://blog.uditha.org/fedora-technical-seminar-f18-university-of-rajarat-sri-lanaka-event-report]
[1] - [https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.498255833596340.1073741836.221117167976876&type=1&l=6cbc102172]

Water bottles, biscuits, Yoghurt for for speakers

Milk packets for the audience

Invoice amounts (LKR) total from the files uploaded.

||= File =||= Amount (LKR) =||
|| dvd_print.pdf || 13500 ||
|| dvd_copy.pdf || 4500 ||
|| sticker_print_and_cut.pdf || 12000 ||
|| ga_poster.pdf || 900 ||
|| food_1.pdf || 2100 ||
|| food_2.pdf || 5600 ||
|| food_3.pdf || 5000 ||
||= Total =||= 43600 =||

Ping jsimon :)

Hi Joerg,
Any update about the reimbursement?


Hey jsimon, Ping Ping :)

Udinnet, please be patient. Jeorg may be busy at the moment. He will reimburse you as quickly as he can. You do not need to ping him every two days :)

according to this link it should be possible to receive money through paypal?

moneybookers is not an option unfortunately

@jsimon, Please try to send funds to my paypal acc. It worth a try. My paypal email is udithabnd [at] gmail [dot] com. If it is not working, I'll ask some person like Ankur to collect the funding on behalf of me and send it to me via Western Union or Moneygram. Because there aren't any option than Moneybookers or Payza in Sri Lanka. We're helpless here. :(

@ankursinha, Can you do me a big favour? If direct funding to Sri Lanka via PP not works, Can you please receive it to you on my behalf. Then moneygram or western-union it to me.

you are right i get:

"Currently PayPal accounts in Sri Lanka are only able to send payments. This recipient is not eligible to receive funds."

Ankur then?

Hi Joerg, Uditha,

Please transfer it to my paypal account and I'll transfer it to Udhitha's Moneybookers account. The pay pal account should be attached to this e-mail account:

sanjay_ankur [AT] yahoo [DOT] co [DOT] in


Joerg, Ankur,
Thank you very much both of you. And Ankur, you can find my moneybookers acc details in comment 12[0].

[0] - [https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/74#comment:12]

transfered 330,99 USD (43600 LKR calculated by OANDA) to Ankur

Received. It's under review by PayPal and should be ready to transfer out to Uditha either today or latest by Monday.

I'll close the ticket once I've transferred the funds to Uditha.

Thanks Joerg.

Warm regards,

Thanks for the quick reimbursement.

Thank you for the big help. :)

I've transferred 331USD = 360.19 AUD to Uditha via IMT. Please see the latest attachment for details.

Unfortunately, this path cannot be used each time since it costs me 22AUD per transaction from my own pocket. I've also had to set up a separate paypal account for Australia. I didn't realize the money would automatically go into my Indian bank account. Apparently, in accordance to Indian laws, the money you receive automatically ends up in your bank account and you can't use it again unless you have a credit card. I've therefore transferred money from my personal allowance here in AU, but I really can't do it again. (Getting the money over from India is a separate head ache : India doesn't permit online IMTs. You need to go down to the bank and fill up a bunch of forms, which I can't do at the moment.).

The new paypal account is linked to "Ankur DOT Sinha AT student DOT uts DOT edu DOT au", for future reference. Hopefully, I can receive money there and send it out again.

I'm not sure how well moneybookers is going to work since I haven't used it yet. If that doesn't work, is it possible to cover the transaction charges too Joerg?

Please close the ticket when you receive the money Uditha.


Tons of thanks for the help.

I know this is because of the inward remittance problems in Sri Lanka, that transactions costs may be higher than we ever expected. It'll be really great if you can reimburse AUD 22 for Ankur for his transaction expenses.

Thanks both of you.

PS: I'll close the ticket after the money got available in my bank a/c and the AUD 22 reimbursement of Aunkur's (if it is possible).

Received the amount LKR 40,063.93 in to my bank A/C today. I'll keep this ticket open until Ankur get resolution for his Transaction expenses.

Thanks Joerg, Ankur.

Hi Joerg,

Any update on Ankur's reimbursement of his transaction costs?



It can be settled another time. I'm closing this ticket.

Warm regards,

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