#73 APPROVED: FAD Mysore: sponosorship for hotel stay for Shakti (mbuf)
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Shakti has indicated that he could use another USD 95. He'll have to stay in Bangalore for two nights before the event in Mysore.

Refer https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/69

I thought of saving some Fedora money and staying in a friend's place for FAD Mysore 2013, but, unfortunately he is travelling, and I need accommodation in Bengaluru. The hotel costs around USD 95 for two nights, and I request the Fedora project to consider reimbursing the same.


@shakthimaan: "FAD Mysore 2013" is a nice event. Activites in the event are so great, as well as the fedora related topics. I hope that your ticket will be approved soon.

Thank you for contributing to Fedora Project.


Hi Shakti,

This ticket was discussed and approved at the APAC meeting on 2013-04-20. Amount approved <= $ 95.


Please update the ticket with receipts etc. Assigning to kital.


The total cost for stay is INR 5734.

Shakti please give me your paypal address to reimburse you

if you have question regarding paypal transfer to your bank account ask Kushal or Prasad - they got already reimbursed by this process

Please use transgerlate@gmail.com

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