#71 FUDCon APAC: Planning: Decide a period for tentative dates
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== Analysis ==
We've decided that we won't hold a FUDCon this year, and instead hold one next year that would be better than any we've held previously. This was decided a few weeks back. For some reason, we haven't discussed any more about the FUDCon. I suggest we start planning. We can't get exact details, but information that can be approximated could be looked into.

The advantage of this is that we can begin to build a time chart for events. We intended to replace the FUDCon by FADs this year. Having a tentative period for the FUDCon will enable us to plan these FADs and use them to get people together to plan the FUDCon.

== Detailed analysis ==

Task1 is to decide an approximate time period that the event will be held in.
See what periods are earmarked for FUDCon APAC in the Fedora schedule (I thought there was a link that had the information on what FUDCon is held in what region in what quarter. I can't find it. Would anyone know?)
See which times in this period are acceptable for various APAC/non APAC members
See what periods are good for tentative organization teams
* Do they agree on one period?
* Do they each have separate preferences?
What part of the Fedora release cycle will this be?
* Can we use the FUDCon to get work done for Fedora release? (Related to the FUDCon goal, which we'll decide in another trac ticket.)

== Expected outcome from this ticket ==
I hope that we can pin down a period of a certain week/fortnight/3weeks/a month for the event. Exact dates would be even better, but I think it'll be really difficult to have them. A week/fortnight would be good amazing. Since we're not sure what each of us, and each of the organising team will be up to at the time, a set of dates gives us some flexibility.

I'll therefore hope to get the following decisions from this ticket:
* A range of dates: week/fornight/3weeks/month when the FUDCon will be held

== Discussion ==
As Tuan mentioned. Please keep the discussion limited to the trac ticket here. Once we have enough people's views, we can make the final decision in an APAC meeting

== Ticket time frame ==
I'd hope to have a decision in 2 months time, so by the end of May. This is flexible. The rule being "the earlier, the better". 2 months should be sufficient time for folks to speak to tentative organization teams and have an idea of the event.

Please note that it isn't necessary to have a venue or cost break up etc. at this point of time.

Not sure if this still needs to be open, so I'm closing it for now.

Can be reopened later if necessary.

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