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A FAD is planned for Sunday, March 10, 2013 at SJCE, Mysore, Karnataka, India.


It will cost around USD 250 for my travel, if we can book the ticktets now.

I have another workshop on March 2, 2013, and hence will not be able to attend the APAC meeting.

I request you to let me know the funding possibility, so we can take things forward ASAP.


This ticket was discussed at the March 2 meeting. While we're okay with funding the required USD250, we're not authorized to fund premier events, such as FADs/FUDCons from the ambassador budget. Is this a FAD? From the event page, it looks like a normal fedora event where you're introducing things to students, not really a FAD where fedora contributors sit together and work on something.

We're not really clear on what the protocol for funding FADs is. I think approval from the FPL is required for premier events, which will take you some time.

If it's somewhat like an unconference, please rename the event and we'll fund you.

-> Approved if not a FAD.

Will be assigned to kital as soon as the FAD/normal event label is clarified.

Please do update the event page: the date field isn't yet specified.

Warm regards,

Thanks for the follow-up and the discussion during the APAC meeting.

We are postponing this event due to the short time period. This will also allow us to book tickets in advance, and hopefully we will not need to shell so much money.

Depending on the proposed date, we will see if we can open it for Fedora enthusiasts for a FAD. Otherwise, we will have a Fedora workshop.

The date has been finalized for Saturday, April 20, 2013. The Institute has agreed to make the venue open to all. So, we will proceed to organize a FAD. The wiki page has been updated.

I shall send an announcement to Fedora contributors in and around Mysore who would like to participate in the FAD.

I have booked my flight tickets early, to and from Bengaluru. It comes to around USD 110. Will need to book a cab for commuting between Bengaluru and Mysore.

Hi Shakti,

I'll bring this ticket up again in the APAC meeting this Saturday if I can make it. From my point of view, even if it's a FAD, we can easily fund it. If others in APAC concur, we'll reimburse your trip. Please do upload your receipts etc. as required for the reimbursements. If you need any more funds to set up the event, please add a tentative amount to the requirements too.



This was discussed at the APAC meeting on March 30 2013. [http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2013-03-30/ (log)]. Your request for 110USD as reimbursements for the flights has been approved. However, we have not approved expenses for the cab yet because we do not know how much it'll cost. Once you provide us with figures for the cabs, we can discuss and approve that too.

Please upload your receipts/boarding passes/event reports/photos/reimbursement-info etc as per the reimbursement guidelines so that kital can reimburse you after final checks.

Assigning to kital.

Thank you for holding this fedora event. We hope you have a constructive event.

Warm regards,

Due to last minute changes, I need to stay in a hotel in Bengaluru before travelling to Mysore. Would it be possible to reimburse the cost for accommodation? For two nights, it comes to around USD 95.

Please let me know.

Hi Shakti,

I think we should be able to support this too. I've filed a fresh ticket, since this one is for your travel reimbursements and has already been approved. Could you please add some information on the change that caused this extra stay on the new ticket? I'll try and get it discussed and decided upon in the next APAC meeting, hopefully this week.



The flight cost (INR 5586) and cab cost (INR 410) comes to INR 5996.

Shakti please give me your paypal address to reimburse you

  • if you have question regarding paypal transfer to your bank account ask Kushal or Prasad - they got already reimbursed by this process

Please use transgerlate@gmail.com


flight cost (INR 5586) and cab cost (INR 310) - Total 5896 INR by OANDA this is '''105.86 USD'''

to clarify the lower cab reimbursement - by 100 INR - white cab invoice states 80 INR and the other 230 INR

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