#64 Travel Subsidy to Fedora 18 Beijing Release Party
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Here I apply for travel subsidy to Fedora 18 Beijing Release Party, as suggested by Truong Anh Tuan.

The event wiki: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F18_Beijing
Event budget ticket: https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/56

Despite of living in a city far from event place, I worked on the event from initial announcement, giving presentation, photo capturing, public reporting till the feedback survey.

TO flight fare: CNY345
RETURN train fare: CNY398.5
Total: CNY743.5 = USD118.3

Preferred method: Western Union Money Transfer

Note: I will be on traveling from today. So I won't be able to attend Feb 2 meeting. We may discuss this subsidy in the one after. :)

Add English report of this event, which was sent to Ambassador Mailing list:


If Western Union wasn't an option, please send to my PayPal: lovenemesis@gmail.com

Changed to jsimon to support this case. Thanks.


This was discussed in the meeting on March 2, 2013. We think it's okay to reimburse this ticket. The event reports and etc are all up:


It looked like a good event.

'''However''', we request people to please file the tickets and get approval from us and/or famsco '''before''' the event next time as the guidelines require. We don't want to get in the habit of people holding events without approval and then requesting reimbursements. Please make this a last instance. From next time, we suggest we not reimburse people that do not follow the guidelines put in place as a rule '''unless in extreme cases where it could not be helped'''.

Please use another method though. Kital made it clear in his mail to the list that western union money transfer is not a supported method of reimbursement. Paypal is great.

Tuan has assigned it to Jeorg for final approval and reimbursements.

Warm regards,

Replying to [comment:4 lovenemesis]:

If Western Union wasn't an option, please send to my PayPal: lovenemesis@gmail.com

PayPal account should in such format: lovenemesis (at) gmail (dot) com

Hi Simon,

May I know what else I should provide now?


need to wait for fresh money on my credit card

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