#59 Proposal - Fedora baseball caps as a gift for event attendees
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I am thinking of producing Fedora branded baseball caps for APAC. So that we can award them lets say 3-5 in events for event attendees.

Why caps instead tshirts
Gender is not a problem
Size is not a limitation

I would like to get to know the others idea, please comment.

I agree with it. Even every project have included caps in their event swag.

That's a good idea. What do you think if we can extend this to Ambassador-caps (not generic ones)

Btw, APAC ambassadors need T-shirt/Polo-shirt as well. We should discuss this in a separated ticket for a APAC ambassadors kit.

Two thoughts:

  • Quantity
  • Distribution (shipping "to avoid taxes" and/or production)

Derivative thought:

  • Costing as well as budgeting for FY2013 and/or FY2014.

If somebody will create a design that fedora-design will approve, we can certainly add this to our marketing kits/swags.

This ticket [1] has been opened in FAmSCo trac to produce T-shirts for Fedora contributors with the first idea to give a gift for ambassadors who organize release parties.

I think, it's a better point and we do not need caps any more.
Any ideas? Or we should close this here?

[1] https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/348

Just trying to clean up trac - can this issue be closed?

There's a discussion about Ambassador Polo Tshirts going on at the moment, but not many updates on this ticket.

I just closed it. AN dit could be re-open at anytime.

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5 years ago

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