#51 APPROVED : Budget For Release Party Fedora 18 - Kendari, Indonesia
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Fedora Release Party at kendari we often do, but the first time applying for funding for this event, because this time we involve more people to recruit some of the contributors at the state university in Kendari Southeast Sulawesi http://www.unhalu.ac.id/, estimate the number of participants 50 or more.

Detailed Cost Breakup
||Description || Quantity || Amount
|| Live CD/DVD || 50 || US $ 62
|| Stickers || 50 || US $ 13
|| Button/pin badge || 50 || US $ 22
|| Banner || 2 || US $ 18
|| Drinks and Snack || 50 || US $ 25
|| TOTAL || || US $ 140


Great to see many release parties from Indonesia, I would like to approve this fund request since it is below USD 200 limit.
USD 140, fund request has been approved !
Please proceed producing and attach receipts so that we can move with the reimbursement process.

I've attached receipts, for this release party that has been paid in full, which I transfer to a bank account is one of our team members in kendari

Did you attach some checks or receipts from the vendor?
I ll assign this to Harish and he will follow this up.
Please allow some time since he seems to be busy.

I enclose the handover of money, if not they would be accepted, I will try to ask the implementers there to include receipts from the vendor

Please Help for reumbersement to my paypal account: cristal_repot@yahoo.co.id thanks

||Live CD/DVD||50||600.000 IDR||
||Stickers||50||100.000 IDR||
||Button/pin badge||50||200.000 IDR||
||Banner||2||180.000 IDR||
||Drinks and Snack||50||250.000 IDR||
||TOTAL|| ||1.330.000 IDR||
||Converter '''OANDA''' || ||'''136.857 USD'''||

Hi Robyn and Joerg,

Can we proceed with this payment, it is being a long time now and the request for payment is still pending. Please update the case. your kind consideration is highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

i moved this ticket to robyn - i can not accept these receipts - i can not really read them i am also confused that they all receipts look the same for DVD and Drinks all from the same source. As we discussed this issue over and over i assigned this to Robyn for reimbursement.

thaks, yes exactly the same, is not following receipt of the vendor because I made ​​it as a evidence of my personal funds transfer to a team who implement ivent, maybe this is my a mistake implement different ivent distant island from where I live, so it can not control, I realized a mistake and has decided not to continue the following ticket, thanks for the help allow me to close the ticket, I promise I hope this mistake does not happen again, I will be more careful to detail the receipts for the next ivent.

Regards, Ekoikhyar

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