#50 APPROVED : Budget For Release Party Fedora 18 - Berastagi, Indonesia
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Release party in Berastagi will held on SMA N 1 Berastagi, Berastagi. Release party Fedora 18, will be the first time Linux Release party or talk about Linux in Berastagi (Taneh Karo).

|| '''Description''' || '''Quantity''' || '''Amount'''
|| Live DVD || 50 || US $ 62||
|| Banner || 1 || US $9||
|| Drinks and Snack || 50 || US $ 25||
|| '''TOTAL''' || || '''US $ 96'''||


Good, nice to see more release parties from Indonesia.
I would like to approve USD 96 for this release party.
Please attach receipts once you made the payment so that we can proceed with the reimbursement process.

thank you :) I'll attach receipts later.

I've attach receipts, for DVD and Banner we already paid in full, but for drink and snack still upfront payment about US $12. That payment receipts send by one of our team since I'm still in Bandung.

I've upload the receipts, soon after release party I'll submit report. my Paypal account frederika@hotmail.co.id. Thanks

hi again, when I can get payment ? I've attach reciept

sorry for ping again.


Just changed owner to jsimon to help sentabi to reimburse this ticket because of long time no-response from Harish.

sentabi any event reports that i can attach my finance listing?

thank you tuanta.

this event delay until Maret,8 2013. so I still can't write event report (yet).
hope you understand. and we change place from SMA N 1 Berastagi to SMA N 1 Kabanjahe, because in SMA N 1 Berastagi we already held event pra-release party fedora 18 in january, I'll write report about that event later.

sentabi: please read the [[https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Reimbursement|Reimbursement Guidelines]] more carefully. The usual process should be (in short):

  1. Plan for the event
  2. Create a ticket to request for (financial) support and get it approved (this step done)
  3. Run the event as planned and in budget as requested (with your own pocket money)
  4. Collect and upload all receipts
  5. Write the event report
  6. Wait for reimbursement

Hope this make sense.

Please let me know if you need any further support.

I've read that guidelines before, but in this situation I can't handle both of payment for Berastagi and [https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/55 Bandung] release party hope you understand I don't have enough money to upfront everything. For next time I'll looking for sponsor outside Fedora Project, if we can't get sponsor maybe I can't handle another release party Fedora in future because most of our team on fedora event just student and don't has enough many to pay upfront for event.

my last fund request for [https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/311 ILC 2012] reimburst after few month.

so how about reimbustment for this release party ?

because this is not a reimbursement but a preimbursement - what a wordplay ;) - i would like to have a statement from famsco - according to current rules it would be a exception

i am just the interim-guy for reimbursements, but this is the second situation where we are requested to prepay for the release party and as i see it, we have 7 release parties in indonesia ... i asume this will not the last request in this manner - if exceptions turn into normal i think someone has to change the rules - famsco please help out here

I totally understand you cannot find two events at a time, but I think the simple solution is to first get reimbursed for the event in Bandung which took place back in January.

jsimon, maybe it's partial reimbursement? because I already pay for banner and DVD but for snack for upfront I pay $12 (see comment #3 above)
I'm ok with that, let's we see what Famsco say it they approve it or not :) Why that happen in Indonesia (or just Indonesia) ? because we as ambassador from Indonesia too poor so we don't have cash to upfront payment for release party ? maybe :) we do our best to spread word about Fedora.

in january 15 we held "Pra Pesta Rilis Party Fedora di Berastagi" [1] because Fedora release delayed, about 70 attender. Because we can handle budget our self, so we don't even create ticket asking about funding. this time it's out of our pocket.

cwickert, release party in Bandung not yet held too, check the wiki, we still don't get place to held release party, we'already asking few place but all of them used on date. so change date to march, 9. still looking for alternate place

[1] http://linux.karo.or.id/prarelease-fedora-18-i-sma-n-1-berastagi/ http://linux.karo.or.id/pelatihen-erbahan-weblog-wordpress-man-guru-guru-i-sma-n-1-berastagi/

report for release party
http://linux.karo.or.id/release-party-fedora-18-di-sma-n-1-kabanjahe/ cross post in http://id.fedoracommunity.org/release-party-fedora-18-kabanjahe/

thank you. I can't give talk in these release party because I'm far away from my hometown (berastagi, near Kabanjahe), but our team there do the job by held release party.

ping, my last comment 6 days ago.

sentabi, this is still not transparent for me, can you please list the valid report of the berastagi party at the event wiki page


2 week pass, when I can get reimbustment for this release party ?


On 08.04.2013 14:11, Robyn Bergeron wrote:> we ought to just pay it at this point.

90000 IDR = Banner

200000 IDR = Food

600000 IDR = DVD

850000,00 IDR = 91,22 USD by OANDA


90000 IDR = Banner

200000 IDR = Food

600000 IDR = DVD

890000,00 IDR = 91,22 USD by OANDA

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