#44 Sending an OLPC to Bckurera
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I am requesting $54.00US to be sent to bckurera@gmail.com Buddhika Kurera to reimburse him for sending money to me in order to send an OLPC to his location.

Express Post International $53.50AUD (approx $55US)

I have considered using registered post but it's only a dollar more for express and it has delivery confirmation and tracking.

Thank you,

Hello Luke,
Thanks for opening this ticket and sending me the OLPC. I think registered post would be good since we can track it and more secure, right? How much should we pay for that?

Registered post is $53~ AUD
Express (which is more secure and faster) is $54~.

I'd prefer express, i'll even chip in the extra dollar. It means we can track it.
To track registered post is it an extra $3.50, which brings the total to 56.50$ (stupid right? I know.)


If Express one is the more secure one, please go for it. thanks a lot. I ll update you with the approval and then you can ship it asap. Thanks !

FAmSCo peer review approved.

Thanks for the support FAmSCo members, Luke please post the parcel and attach receipts here for reimbursement.

Tracking no: EP002930865AU
Cost AU$52.85
Recipt will be uploaded soon

How is money done? Paypal, or bank transfer?
Currency conversion is all over the place (currently $55.50) but $54 is fine :)
My paypal email is: me@luke.asia

Thank you. :)

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you as I had problems with Australia Post and the battery, but it should be there by 14/12/12 :)

Here is the receipt in PDF. I do not have a scanner.

Apologies for the spam.

Thanks Luke, I ll be assigning this to Harish and he will proceed with the reimbursement. I think it would be via Paypal since it is easy. Thanks again and waiting to get it.

Luke: Your email address got squished by trac - can you type it in like this:

youremail at yourhost dot com

? Otherwise we can't see the email address for reimbursement.

Also: I'm not sure who is getting money here. The original request is to reimburse Buddhike for sending you money, but then it looks like we are sending you money directly?

Paypal: me at luke dot asia

I'm getting the money, it was originally planned for Bckurera to pay for it in the first place but i did that so I will be receiving reimbursement.

Thank You,

I got the OLPC safe. It is working well. Thanks a lot Luke.

Robyn : Yes, please reimburse Luke.

Any updates?
Luke, did you get the money?

Not yet Tuan,
It would be appreciated if someone could follow this up, I had forgotten about it.

ping rbergero



Hi Luke,
I ll be assigning this to Joerg Simon for reimbursement. Please contact Joerg and let him know the paypal address for payment.

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