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This proposal enables APAC contributors to get the experience of NA, EMEA FUDCons and further it would be a good investment so that those experiences can be used to increase the quality of regional FUDCons and the Fedora project as a whole. Most of the time nobody attend from APAC to other regional FUDcons since those requests are above USD 1000 which is hard to accommodate.

Therefore this proposal is to facilitate 2 contributors in 2013 to attend NA and EMEA FUDcons.

50% of the air ticket or maximum USD 500 will be provided from APAC regional budget which makes USD 1000 per year (maximum allocation). Hopefully the other 50% will get from the travel subsidy. Sometimes the contributors also need to bear some portion depending on the price of the ticket (specially for NA).

I would like to discuss this with the regional FAms and shape it with their ideas. Please add your comments, ideas etc . . .

  1. How to select a contributor to sponsor?

In my opinion, who deserve a sponsor is who most contribute to the community. Now the question is "How do we measure how much a person's contribution?". To answer that, we must consider several factors.
How long have joined the Fedora Project?
How often participate in meetings?
How many events that have been held?
How many sub-projects besides Ambassadors?
If we still can not determine from the above factors, may be voting is the last option. This is just my opinion, I'm still open to various options. :)

Yes I agree with you, may be we can ask the requester to answer these question in the ticket which is used for the request like we do it for FUDcon fun requests. Then we can form a committee so that they go through with those submissions and select OR we can discuss this in APAC bi-weekly and then decide or go for voting.

But what I prefer is the committee approach, since voting in public may introduce some dispute with in contributors. We can discuss about this more and come to a guideline, but first we need more ideas :)

Thanks Arif

I believe that we already ask prospective attendees to state what they wish to accomplish for any travel subsidies. We usually decide by "feel" i.e. is he/she an active contributor, importance of having them there, available budget. What I have in mind is for us to collectively identify our region's priorities for any certain period. We can then allocate funds based on those priorities.

For example (for illustration purposes only), if we identified infrastructure as higher priority than security, we'll send an infrastructure guy vs a security guy. Plus points if the prospect is both and so on.

The challenge is coming up with an exhaustive list of priorities to sort of guide us. Personally I'm leaning to having a shortlist of priorities and just make the decision-making as open as possible to serve as some sort of check.

I ll come back to this later and will reopen the ticket then.

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