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Would love to have advanced funding for the following:

Since the amount is not so trivial, may we request that instead of reimbursement, we get an advance payment via paypal. We have done this type of arrangement before and has shown good faith by liquidating all advances.

The budget for the event = $635

The regional community can handle this amount. Therefore we need to wait for the next APAC Bi-weekly meeting which will be on 10th Nov. Are you fine with waiting or you need speedy approval, if so I can bring this to FAmSCo meeting which will be on next Monday.

Please let me know what way you prefer?

I'll appreciate it if you can bring this to FAmSCo meeting on Monday. That way, the holder of the purses will be notified accordingly. :)

Either way, I have already made the announcement publicly on the mailing list and the event was already discussed in one of our bi-weekly meetings before[1].

[1] http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2012-09-22/apac.2012-09-22-04.02.log.txt

This might somewhat go against the "normal" procedure for funding FADs but if the region can take care of the budget for us, I'm all for it. The wiki states that FAD budgets go against CommArch (now OSAS) but there's nowhere written that regions cannot fund it.

In any case, this ticket is here so we can track discussions regarding our proposed budget and as inode0 has mentioned earlier in IRC, "perhaps we can clarify the process for everyone while doing this one :)".

famsco ticket 329 will follow this up, I ll get back to you when there is an update.

Please provide a breakdown of the costs instead of just the total.

Replying to [comment:6 cwickert]:

Please provide a breakdown of the costs instead of just the total.

Sorry for that cwickert, the breakdown was on the Event wiki page.

The breakdown is as follows:
PHP 6,000 - food
PHP 5,000 - venue
PHP 15,000 - swag/organizing collateral
PHP 26,000 - total (~US$635)

I don't understand why this needs to be in FAmSCo's trac. It is below the limit and can be approved by the regional community.

[azneita: thanks for clarifying this, this makes things simpler]

Advance payments are not possible AFAIK. Please get in touch with Harish to see what is possible. I think the event owner at least needs to provide a rough breakdown of the costs. What are the USD 635 spent on?

[azneita: under justifiable circumstances it has been allowed. we did an event back in '09 and max/harish signed off on it.]

Last but not least I don't understand why this is critical. The tickets should have been filed two weeks ago when you started planing for the event. We still have one month, so what needs to be paid for now.

[azneita: the ticket has been filed just now because we were not sure then if we're pursuing the event or not. that decision was just made a few days back.

nothing needs to be paid right now but we need ensure that commitments we will be making in the next few weeks we can cover. this request is entirely towards that end.]

refer to famsco ticket #329 for info and continue that ticket, thanks !

@azneita: please update this ticket's status.

proceeding to close since famsco 329 ticket is closed now.

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