#38 APPROVED Support for Fedora Activities in SFD 2012 Hanoi
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This Saturday, Software Freedom Day 2012 Hanoi [1] would be held at Hanoi University of Science by VFOSSA.

Fedora community in Hanoi would organize some activities there including: distribute Fedora 17 LiveCD, short workshops/presentations, etc.

On behalf of Fedora team in Hanoi, I would like to ask for support from Fedora for us to make about 100-120 discs; with total cost about $40-$50.

Event report as well as all receipts will be posted/updated onto this ticket after the event.

Thanks for your attention.

[1] http://wiki.vfossa.vn/sfd_2012_hanoi


Please go forward and start the production, the amount (USD 50) is approved ! Thanks for the great work and looking forward to read the reports, Thanks Tuan again !!!!

It's incredibly fast. Thanks bckurera.

That's really the way we have expected. Fedora APAC would be absolutely better in the near future.


Receipt is attached here. Just one for new blank CDs.
The total cost is 400,000 VND = ~$20 USD.

Report has been also filed here: http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2012-October/020377.html

Please check and process reimbursement.


Tuan can you please kindly contact Harish and ask the reimbursement please? and please update the ticket when you get money. Thanks

Ping Harish. Any updates?

Tuan, please kindly email Harish and see. May be he has missed this as he is busy. But can be contacted via email for sure.


Tuan did you contact Harish? what is the status?
Thanks !

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