#302 Travel Funding Request for g0v Summit 2018, Taiwan
Opened 5 years ago by tenchokden. Modified 5 years ago

I would like to request a travel funding for the g0v Summit 2018 in Taiwan from 5th to 7th September. I will be speaking on the OpenSource projects and fedora project in specific and my experience in the fedora community and becoming an ambassador.

The event organizers are providing the flight tickets refunds but there is no accommodation this time.
It would be really helpful if I get the travel funding for my accommodation.

After the event, I would like to meet the local fedora group in Taiwan and make an FAD.
If that doesn't happen by any chance I would pay for the remaining dates myself from 8 Oct to 10.

with FAD.
4th Oct to 10 Oct.
3500 X 7 = 24500

without FAD
4th Oct to 7 the October.
3500 X 4 = 14000

Thats approximately $350


As you are going to TW, I would suggest you to talk with @freedomknight @zerng07 ahead of time, as they are ambassadors in TW.

And will you please make the expected costs more clear, which currency is the 3500? TWD(NT$) ?

Otherwise, I don't have objections to this request.

I think all funding approvals for APAC will be happening mostly at the mindshare level. This ticket might need to be opened in Mindshare repo.

@zsun 3500 is Indian rupees and I will talk with @freedomknight and @zerng07 regarding the FAD. Thank you. @sumantrom Do I have to create a new ticket at the mindshare repo?

@tenchokden Welcome to Taiwan! If you have some questions about your journey to Taiwan, please ask freely.

When this is approved, please make sure a budget entry is made in the budget at https://pagure.io/fedora-budget/blob/master/f/FY19/apac.adoc

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