#296 [BUDGET REQUEST][SWAG REQUEST] Fedora 28 Release Party BLR
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 4 years ago by sumantrom.

FAS : sumantrom
Event date :TBD
Event Location : Bangalore
Budget $100 for cake and refreshments
Target Audience : Contributors and Students ( About 50 people)
Swags Request for stickers,pens and anything thats available

+1 for $100 per release party.

I'd like to mention that, it's been discussed several times in previous FAD APAC meetings that "Fedora does not feed people". Which means funding for refreshments is totally fine, while poster costs etc. should also be covered by the approved budget.

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4 years ago


Just some comments regarding release parties. I think we've discussed during vFAD that we should shift a little away from doing release parties to doing some events that have a better topic.

I think Release Parties can have value, but we should make sure we get reports and ideally ensure they feed other activities for future growth. Maybe meetups? hack fests? install fests?

Per the approval in today's meeting, I have put aside 20 pens and 30 stickers to ship to @sumantrom

@pjp is going to record the official approval here and do the budget entry soon

3975 INR == 58.86 US Dollar

@bex @pjp can any of you please transfer the amount?

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3 years ago

This has been paid by transferwise.

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3 years ago

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