#295 Fedora presence during devconf - Bengaluru, India - August 4-5, 2018
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:: Fedora presence during devconf ::
Fedora Participation is going to look good, couple of us from Pune had a discussion and figured out it will be nice to fix the time to talk and express our thoughts. I would like to request people who are willing to join for this conference to add their names and then discussions will begin

:: Some of the ideas (things to do at devconf) are ::
1. Fedora Meetup
2. Fedora Booth
3. Fedora Track (All fedora related talks)

These are just the initial thoughts, we need to discuss and plan more around these ideas and submit the final proposals before the end date of the CFP.

Please share your ideas and help expand these topics. Thanks.

We have many people from BLR who will also actively take part in this. I would like us to identify ourselves as potential contributors and how our presence will benefit core fedora project. I don't think we can have a whole track, but yes we can propose individual talks and see how that goes. Needless to mention, all of us who contribute will be more focused for Flock which is from 8-11th August.

I believe that DevConf has set their track selection. I think the idea of a booth and meetup are potentially useful, however I think it would be good to consider:

  1. Starting meetups in BLR before DevConf so you have something to grow from and grow on
  2. Trying to use contributors in BLR instead of flying people whenever possible
  3. Determining the goals of the Fedora booth and planning messaging and ideas well in advance so we can do the right things with the right people for this specific audience.

Is someone working on this? If not, I will take this upon myself

Speaking for myself, I want to come to DevConf.in conference but it also depends on whether my talk gets accepted or not.
@sumantrom as you have a local leadership there, I suggest follow what @bex has suggested above and start working on that.

@sumantrom Are you working on this?

I will be around in Bangalore during this time and I can help out. Let me know.

I also have the Fedorator with me. If we are setting up a booth, we can setup the Fedorator there.

@skamath yep! It will be awesome to have you there! we would love to have the Fedorator.
The booth will have the Fedorator, A modularity demo and an IoT demo. We can extend it to a Fedora Classroom if more people are interested in learning something specific. @siddharthvipul1 acked the request for the required logistics which will be wifi, projectors in the classroom and the booth area.

Fedora Banners
Fedora Swags ( stickers,pens,camera covers/sliders[This will be a real hit as everyone wants them], flash drive (if possible), tshirts(if possible))
Fedora Badge (we need to file a ticket)

Note: DevconfIN is by far the biggest event and it is expected to have ~2000 attendees across 2 days. We need some ways to keep things interactive at the booth.

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This needs to be converted into a budget request if money is needed. If we have to produce swag, we have about 1 month to do it it, it may not even be possible at this point. (process: Item quotes + approval + Fedora Design + printing)

If we don't need new materials, we need to identify where this stuff is coming from.

Yes, Fedora will likely get space at the RH booth. We'll need stickers, pens or badges and/or other things we can manage.

@pjp do you have them in enough quantity or you want @bex to ship them?

What else remains on this ticket?

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