#29 F17 Media Production for Sri Lanka
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For F17 cycle we are planning to produce media as follow:

DVD 300
CD 300

Quotation :

DVD @ 70.00x 300 = 21000
CD @ 45.00x 300 = 13500

Total = 34500

USD = 263 (as per oanda.com 2nd June 2012)

This is the production cost with no cover, the cost for cover will be managed later.

Quotation will be attached soon !

This request for USD 263 got the APAC community approval on 2012-06-09; ‚Äčhttp://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2012-06-09/apac.2012-06-09-04.00.log.html#l-319

Please attach receipts and then proceed to reimbursements.

any updates on this? or it should be closed?

No production of media took place, so proceeding to close the ticket.

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