#284 [Budget Request] Translation Sprint Phnom Penh 2017
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Requesting 150$ for
wiki page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Khmer_Translation_Sprint2

the money is for room rent and catering for the participants

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5 years ago

considering event is this weekend,

preapproved USD150 for following items:
- venue rental - 30USD
- pizza lunch for 2 days - 120USD

We arranged for the venue rental last minute a sponsor, so we saved this 30US$. We paid the pizza for the first day via pi pay, which gave us an discount of 15US$. All in all we spent 93.95US$, we got 13 new contributors and the translation of the web group was driven from 0 to 45,72%


The event report can be found here: http://karl-tux-stadt.de/ktuxs/?p=4985
reimbursement goes to: Vladimir.nodzak@gmail.com

+1 Thanks @gnokii for organizing this event.

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5 years ago

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5 years ago

@izhar what is the block on paying this reimbursement?

@gnokii what is your paypal address?

@bex the paypal address is already provided, see above. Money goes to vladin as we used his pi pay to get the interest. Its a czech account so can receive money

@gnokii Thanks for the pointer I read over the address.

@gnokii please provide Vladimir's fas - a quick search in zodbot didn't reveal it.

@bex see above again "vladin"

@vladin money has been sent, please confirm here.

@gnokii that FAS is not autocompleting hence my concern.

@gnokii: Is it @vladimirk ? Could you please help to confirm if he received the reimbursed amount?

I suggest we close this. It can be reopened if the money was not received.

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5 years ago

reopen if this isn't really received

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