#245 Travel Subsidy for FAD APAC KL 2016 for jurankdankkal
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== Details ==
Event wiki page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_KualaLumpur_2016

FAS: jurankdankkal

Event owner FAS: izhar

Pay Pal address: loviniltra AT gmail DOT com

== Requirements ==

||= Object =||= Price in local currency =||= Price in USD =||
||Flight Padang-KL|| 505900 IDR || 40$||
||Flight KL-Jakarta|| 1052521 IDR || 80$||
||'''Total'''|| '''1558421 IDR'''|| '''120$'''||

== Additional information ==

AirAsia AK404
13.55 PDG
16.05 KUL

AirAsia AK203
09.50 KUL
10.50 CGK

*Flight using Airasia based on Skyscanner, I'm depart from my hometown in Padang and at that time need to going back to Jakarta where I work.

Flight date :

PDG-KUL 8 July

KUL-CGK 13 July


event report please

I am being asked to pay this to an unrelated party who says they paid it to the originator. I need confirmation of these details in this ticket before I proceed. If it is paid after 15 Feb it is likely this will come from next year's budget.

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6 years ago

@jurankdankkal: did you receive this reimbursement?

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6 years ago

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6 years ago

Hi @pjp @bex , sorry for later reply, just saw this message.

I think @izhar pay for KUL-CGK tickets, for PDG - KUL as far as I know by my own and didn't received it yet.

Attached the receipt.

I understand this ticket as possibly needing to be reimbursed to @izhar and not to you. If this is wrong, please let me know.

@izhar seems to be away so I am not sure how we should proceed.

Via email

On Thursday, 9 November 2017 10:49 AM, Prima Yogi Loviniltra loviniltra@gmail.com wrote:

I think its using Izhar credit card or something, so I'm not sure is it already paid or not.
In my side I'm okay.

This ticket has been open for quite long without due clarifications. I think we can close this ticket here, instead of waiting infinitely for inputs from recipients.

Let's open it again if someone comes-up with due inputs.

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5 years ago

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