#218 Travel subsidy for LeapSok for BarCamp Yagon
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== Details ==
Event wiki page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BarCamp_Yangon_2016

FAS: leapsok

Event owner FAS: Yan Naing Myint

== Requirements ==
flight ticket fron Phnom Penh to Yagon for two ways and the price is in the attachment. Price right now is around 260USD.

== Additional information ==

I was about to book the flights last weekend and the price was raised a bit higher than the early weeks. It increase 150$ on top on the price I check last time which is 390$. What shall I do? Thank you in advance for your inputs.

You should go ahead and book. From my perspective we need a good presentation in Yangon, our community there has to growth and this event will help to reach that.

To discuss it in the next meeting will not help, as we would have to wait until next Saturday and there is no guarantee that there are enough people present to make the decission. So I give you green light to book.

Thanks Sirko. I will go ahead to book the flights.

The PayPal account for the reimbursement is buergermeister@karl-tux-stadt.de.

Ping. I wonder if there is an update on this ticket. Thanks in advance.

Hello Izhar, can you help to look into this ticket?

Could you please link Event reports, pictures, etc. here?

Please consider reading the Reimbursement guidelines carefully: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Reimbursement

Izhar, why hasn't this been reimbursed?

USD 405.60 have just been transferred to gnokii's paypal. (Reimbursement: USD 390, Transaction Fee: USD 15.6, Transfer Calculation: TXAMT=AMT*1.04).

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