#210 Support for Fedora Activities in SFD 2015 Tsinghua University
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== Details ==
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Event owner FAS:zsun

Pay Pal address: sztsian AT gmail DOT com

== Requirements ==

||= Object =||= Price in local currency =||= Price in USD =||
||stickers|| 300|| 49$||
||swags|| 320|| 51$||
||'''Total'''|| '''620'''|| '''$100'''||

== Additional information ==

We will set up a booth and do ad-hoc QA sessions during the SFD events in Tsinghua University. Remaining swags will be used in future ad hoc events in Beijing.

To make it clear, we decided the swags as Key Chain as of last SFD events


The cost per unit will be less than $0.50. We will try to negotiate for a better amount.

Total cost : Stickers: CNY310 + Key chain 310.4 = CNY 620.4 = '''USD 97.64'''

USD 101.5 have just been transferred to your account for reimbursement of APAC ticket #210. (Reimbursement: USD97.64, Transaction Fee: USD 3.86, Transfer Calculation: TXAMT=AMT*1.04). Thanks for your contribution to Fedora Project!

Sorry for the late reply. USD $96.73 received. Thanks.

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