#198 F22 Workstation DVD production for India/APAC
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== Details ==

I have procured quotes for production of 3000 and 4000 Fedora 22 workstation DVDs with cardboard sleeves. Details follow. The number of DVDs is higher this time since we expect to give away about 1000 DVDs during FUDCon and also give DVDs to ambassadors and contributors who will be attending FUDCon to give away in other regions.

Owner FAS: siddhesh

Pay Pal address: siddhesh DOT poyarekar AT gmail DOT com

== Requirements ==

||= No. of DVDs =||= Cost per piece (INR) =||= Pouch Cost (INR) =||= Taxes (%) =||= Delivery Charges =||= Total (INR) =||= Total (USD) =||= Cost per DVD (USD)
||3,000|| 11.10|| 5.66 || 7.2% (VAT + Excise) || 1,500 || 55,400 || '''$867''' || '''$0.29''' ||
||4,000|| 10.90|| 5.60 || 7.2% (VAT + Excise) || 1,800 || 72,552 || '''$1,135''' || '''$0.284''' ||

This is in our budget plan.

After talking to a couple of people, ISTM that 3000 ought to be sufficient. We weren't able to finish the F21 stock and we ought to reduce the number to a point were we actually finish our stock since the balance is more or less wasted. In any case, we'll discuss it in the meeting on Saturday.

Attached invoice:


The DVDs arrived yesterday evening:


The total cost is INR 55,457.00, which is USD 871.5 as per today's rate.

USD 906.36 have been transferred for the reimbursement of this ticket which includes USD34.86 transaction fee.

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