#19 Funds for Fedora 17 release party and distribution in Taiwan
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Hi, I am going to hold a F17 release party in Taichung city, Taiwan.

The budget will include the fee for F17 release party and F17 Live CDs or Installation DVDs for distribution. The distribution is not only on the release party, but also future events. For example, COSCUP, a large open source conference held in Taiwan annually.

Details are not planned well yet, I will complete them as soon as possible.

Live CD is about 8 TWD, I plan to have 500 or 1000 pices (some factory only accept 1000 as minimal amount). So it's around 4000 TWD (136 USD) or 8000 TWD (272 USD).
Plus, transmission of CDs to my location needs money too.

I will contact the factories I have known so far as soon as possible to understand the details and prices.

If there is any progress, I will update the information here.

I have contacted some factories.
500 pices of CD is around 5500 TWD (187 USD), including the transportation fee.

Agreed on 2012-03-17 meeting[1] for USD 187

Please produce receipts for every expenses, no receipts no reimbursement[2]
Keep updating the wiki event page.

[1] http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2012-03-17/apac.2012-03-17-03.59.log.html#l-242

[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Reimbursements

When do you plan on making this? The price looks interesting enough for me to consider getting you to order much more.


I plan to make the CDs some days after F17 release. If the CDs can be made before the release party, I will distribute some first.

The other CDs will be distributed in COSCUP, a large open source conference held in Taiwan annually. There are 610 attendees in COSCUP this year, so I think 500 pieces should be enough.

The price looks interesting enough for me to consider getting you to order much more.

Awesome! :) I think that the event hosting place might ask some fee.

There are two major forms of paying the fee in Taiwan:
1. each person has to buy drinks or cakes above a certain level (ex. 50 TWD/ 1 person)
2. a fee that we can use the place for 3 hours, and provide some drinks or cakes (ex. 2000 TWD / 3 hours).

Can the fee for the hosting place be included in the budget?

PS. I have to find a place providing a projector.

You can ask for fund if it is really needed, Please note the importance of the event as well. We have already agreed on USD 187 for CD preparation on this ticket. Therefore if you need any further funding please create a new ticket. We can discuss about the importance and whether the funding is really important, on APAC bi-weekly meetings. Provide the amount in USD always with the exchange rate as well. That will give a clear picture. Thanks

OK, I will create a new ticket for other funding and providing the amount in USD after I have contacted the event-place-keeper. The place is not decided yet, but I will do it in these days.

Thanks, bckurera.

I am removing the 'meeting' keyword since the request is approved. Please attach the receipts here and contact Harish for the reimbursement.

If you want to discuss this ticket again in APAC meetings please add the 'meeting' keyword.

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