#188 Travel subsidy for zsun to Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015
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I need sponsorship for travel and staying during HKOSC 2015.

I will be presenting a talk on Fedora.Next and if possible also set up a booth during the conference.

Round trip flight tickets will cost around CNY 2000 (even more as price is rising).
Currently the cheapest accommodation I find is around CNY 700 per day, I will share a room with others to save money. While I need to be there a night before, so in total I will have to stay there 3 nights.

So the total cost would be around '''CNY 2000+(700/2)*3=3050''' which is now around '''USD 500'''

I am still a student so I hope I will get full subsidy. However partial subsidy will also help a lot.


Hotel is shared, so I pay HKD 3280.2/2 = HKD 1640.1

|| Item || Expense in local || expense in USD||
|| Airplane || CNY 2021 || 331.952 ||
|| Hotel || HKD 3280.2/2 || 211.583 ||
|| Total || N/A || '''543.535''' ||

Pay Pal address: sztsian#AT#gmail#DOT#com

USD 565.30 have just been transferred to your account for reimbursement of APAC ticket #188 (Reimbursement: USD 565.30, Transaction Fee: USD 21.75, Transfer Calculation: TXAMT=AMT*1.04). Thank you for your contribution to Fedora Project

USD 540.13 received. Thanks.

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