#177 fedora standee for general usage in Taiwan
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== Details ==
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FAS: zerng07

Event owner FAS: zerng07

Pay Pal address: pswo10680 AT hotmail DOT com

== Requirements ==

||= Object =||= Price in local currency =||= Price in USD =||
||fedora standee for general usage|| 3930 TWD || 123.54$||
||support from local community friend|| 2000 TWD || 62.87$||
||'''Total'''|| '''1930 TWD'''|| '''60.67$'''||

== Additional information ==

After some discussions with local community, we are planning to make a general-purpose fedora standee (roll up banner) before fedora 21 release party in Taipei.

After contacted with several vendors, we found that the average price of a 85cm x 200 cm banner is around 1050TWD (34 USD).

There are two-kinds of stands which we can choose from, one is plan-style stand and the other is water-drop-dock-style stand. Plan-style stand is easy to fall down as the bottom is so light and cannot stand in wind-blowing environment. Water-drop-dock-style is stronger and more resistant to bad situations we may encounter in Taiwan. The average price of plan-style stand is around 945 TWD (31 USD) while water-drop-dock-styel stand is around 3300 TWD (106 USD).

The local community would like to have water-drop-dock-style stand to have more longevity and be stronger, but we, the ambassadors, tend to make plan-style stand to save money for fedora project. However, there is one friend who stands out and willing to give us 2000TWD (64 USD) to help upgrade the plan-style to the water-drop-dock-style stand for the community.

The factory with lowest price we found gave us total 3930 TWD (125 USD) for 90cmx200cm banner (wider than average size) and water-drop-dock-style stand which would normally cost us average 4150 TWD (140 USD).

Minus 2000 TWD from the enthusiastic friend, it will cost us 1930 TWD (61 USD) to make this general-purpose fedora standee.

Here is the photo I took at the f21 release party in Taipei. http://i.imgur.com/xCt29cW.jpg

The exact amount of reimbursement is 1930TWD / 60.67USD.

USD 63.10 have been transferred to your account with the transaction fee of USD2.43


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