#175 Support for F21 Release Party at IIT Madras
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== Details ==
Event wiki page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F21_IITM

Event owner FAS: sarupbanskota

== Requirements ==

cost towards a cake, approx INR 2000

== Additional information ==

everything else is arranged for

Hi everyone, sorry about the late updates, I only recently returned from all the conference traveling.

Release party was great, here's the report: http://sarupbanskota.github.io/fedora/2015/01/26/iit-madras-hackfest-cum-release-party.html

Unfortunately, I had to go over the requested budget by USD 16, because I couldn't find a vendor which would provide me with the Fedora in Blue within the time I had.

Therefore the net expenses for the RP was USD 48. I've attached a bill, which includes a copy of the advance and the remainder. For the reimbursement, I'd like to wait until the transaction fee issue gets resolved. As usual, it's sbanskota08 at gmail.com for the PayPal.


USD 49.92 have been transferred to your account for a reimbursement of USD48 with USD1.92 transaction fee.

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