#173 DVD distribution within APAC
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= phenomenon =

We will be receiving (or have we already received?) workstation DVDs from EMEA in Singapore for distribution to all of APAC (except India). Additionally, I will be producing 1000 server DVDs as a test to distribute within APAC.

We need to work on finding out what customs and excise duties apply if we were to distribute DVDs from India and also from Singapore. Production in India is a good idea because the costs are very low - $0.30 per DVD for 2000 DVDs as opposed to $0.39 per DVD in EMEA for 5000 DVDs.

= recommendation =

One possibility would be to send a large batch of DVDs to Singapore and distribute them to the rest of APAC from there if distribution from Singapore is easier. Either way, the action item for all ambassadors would be:

  1. Figure out what is simpler, receiving from Singapore or from India
  2. Figure out cost of receiving DVDs from Singapore and India

I discussed this with Harish, Tuan and others and I will be sending 600 server DVDs to Singapore.

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