#172 F21 server DVD production for APAC
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== Details ==

I am planning to replicate 1000 F21 server DVDs for APAC. I'll open another ticket to discuss distribution of those DVDs in APAC. The current quote I have amounts to $0.39 per DVD for 1000 DVDs including the sleeves.

Pay Pal address: siddhesh dot poyarekar AT gmail DOT com

== Requirements ==

||= Object =||= Price in local currency =||= Price in USD =||
||DVDs + sleeves|| 24,400|| $390||
||'''Total'''|| '''24,400'''|| '''$390'''||

== Additional information ==

I will receive the 1000 server DVD sleeves in a few days after which I will have the invoice for them, which will complete this order. I will also ship 600 of the DVDs and sleeves to Singapore then.

DVD sleeves rceipt for both workstation and server

Attached receipt for the 2000 sleeves, 1000 of workstation and 1000 of server. All receipts are now in place and the total amount due is INR 21164, which is USD 340.

My paypal address: siddhesh dot poyarekar AT gmail dot com

ping? Izhar, can you please do this in the coming weeks? Thanks.

sorry for the delay .. reimbursement sent ..

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