#165 F21 DVD production budget for India
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== Details ==

I have procured quotes for DVD replication in India and the lowest quote I have so far is $0.26 + shipping for 2000 DVDs including cardboard sleeves. That makes it a total cost of $520 for the DVDs + approx $25 for shipping. There may be a 3.5% tax involved (LBT for imports into Pune city), so that may bring the total cost to about $540 + shipping, i.e. $565.

Owner FAS: siddhesh

Pay Pal address: siddhesh dot poyarekar AT gmail DOT com

== Requirements ==

||= Object =||= Price in local currency =||= Price in USD =||
||DVDx2000|| INR 35000 || $565 ||
||'''Total'''|| '''35000'''|| '''$565'''||

== Additional information ==

I have another quote that is marginally higher (total cost comes to a bit under $600 inclusive of shipping, so approx $.30 per DVD with the sleeve for 2000 DVDs). I am inclined towards this vendor because they provided samples of their work and have been generally very responsive. The vendor for the cheapest quote has refused to give samples or proofs.

Attached invoice for the 2000 workstation DVDs. I have not received the 1000 sleeves I managed to order earlier this week (only 1000 because we gave away quite a few DVDs without sleeves). I hope to get them soon, so will attach receipts once I do.

DVD sleeves invoice for both workstation and server

Attached receipt for the 2000 sleeves, 1000 of workstation and 1000 of server. All receipts are now in place. The total amount for reimbursement here is INR 31612 which is USD 509.

My paypal address: siddhesh dot poyarekar AT gmail dot com

ping? Izhar, can you please do this in the coming weeks? Thanks.

sorry for the delay, reimbursement sent

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