#163 Set priority to FY2016 events in APAC
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= phenomenon =

During FAD Phnom Penh 2014, we made a list of events in APAC in FY2016 (Mar 2015 - Fed 2016) and estimated budget for each of them:


= reason =

The total is much bigger than last two years and it should be negotiated with OSAS during budgeting phase.

We hope they will allocate enough budget to APAC but in case they do not, we need a way to adjust it.

= recommendation =

And IMO, the easiest way is set priority to each event. In case our proposed budget is cut down, we will cut out low priority events (cut them out completely or cut down the budget for those events)

My proposed priority for each event is included in the wiki. Please check it out and share your ideas by not editing that wiki directly but commenting into this ticket.

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