#162 Support for joint event with Beijing GNOME User Group and other LUG
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== Details ==
Event wiki page:
Event wiki page still not ready at the moment. We will announce the event by mail list and Beijing Linux User Group and other LUG's websites

Event owner FAS:zsun

Pay Pal address: sztsian#AT#gmail#DOT#com

As planned, we will have a joint events with Beijing Linux User Group and Beijing GNOME User Group (and possible other LUGs). This would be some kind of hackfest and talks. Fedora is one of the event holder and we will deliver interactive QA and distribute some DVDs and swags of Fedora. Besides, we're planning to help the attendees install Fedora if they want.

I plan to print about 40 Live DVD and some stickers. Since the vendor for SFD this year produced us 40 more DVD cover for with no extra charge so this time we do not need more DVD cover.

As for a hackfest, we'd provide some drinks. And we will provide some snacks if it is allowed to eat in the hall(snacks is listed as ''others'' below because if eating is not allowed, we may buy more water use this amount of money or print more swag as we need for the event).

Totally it'll cost USD $100 which is within our budget plan.

== Requirements ==

||= Object =||= Price in local currency(CNY) =||= Price in USD =||
|| Live DVD || 100 || $16.269 ||
|| Drinks || 100 || $16.269 ||
|| Stickers || 300 || $48.808 ||
|| Others || 100 || $16.269 ||
||'''Total'''|| '''600.00''' || '''around $100'''||

== Additional information ==

Drinks and snacks is in one receipt. We did not buy much drinks as expected since the venue provided us some.

total expense is

DVD + Stickers + Drinks(and snacks) = 100 + 290 + 75.5 = 465.5CNY = '''USD $75.828'''

USD75.9 have just been transfered to sztsian's account

Replying to [comment:7 izhar]:

USD75.9 have just been transfered to sztsian's account

Reimbursement received. Thanks!

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