#157 Fedora Ambassador Polo T-Shirt
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== Details ==
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FAS: somvannda

Event owner FAS: somvannda

Pay Pal address: N/A

== Requirements ==

||= Items =||= Unit =||= Amount =||
||Fedora Ambassador Polo T-shirt || 100 || 5.50$||
|||| '''TOTAL'''|| '''550$'''||

== Additional information ==
We are already agreed to produce 100 Polo T-shirt for Fedora Ambassadors in APAC.

The following sizes are:

S = 1
M = 29
L = 55
XL = 13
XXL = 2

Kindly regards,

I have added the invoice for this one. We will pick it up in one week.

Izhar, can you please combine this payment with the Cap and send me through western union? Since I could not accept any paypal in Cambodia.

Kindly regards,

if include transaction fee, this will be USD571.75

transfering this to alick, he will bring the cash over to FAD

ouch ... ran out of funds on the CC :(

About $70 was transferred to me. Siddhesh paid the cash ($80, this includes previous debt) to Somvannda. I'll send paypal payment to Siddhesh.

@izhar: I paid this $550 by cash during FAD Phnom Penh.

Please send reimbursement to my PayPal account: dtanh (at) yahoo (dot) com

USD550 have just been transferred to dtanh's account

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