#156 Produce Cap Embroidery
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== Details ==
FAS: somvannda

Event owner FAS: somvannda

Pay Pal address: NA

== Requirements ==

||= Object =||= Price =||= Amount =||
||Cap|| 3.5 || 15 ||
|||| '''Total'''|| '''52.50$'''||

== Additional information ==

During the last meeting, gnokii, tuan and me decided to produce 15 cap for release party and visit university to give a talk.


It was 20 Cap that we agreed in the meeting, I confused the amount. So it will be $70.00 instead of $52.50.

Kindly regards,

Somvannda, please update the receipt.

Hi Tuan,

Please review the invoice. Well I could not accept money from Paypal. In this case, can you talk to izhar to combine this payment with Polo T-shirt and send me through Western Union? I think it is quiet cheaper than other services we could afford.

Kindly regards,

if include transaction fee of 3.9% + 0.3 USD, it is 73.03 USD

transfered this to alick and he'll bring the cash over to FAD

reassigning this to alick

Alick gave this money to somvannda in PP, right?

Yes. Siddhesh helped me to give the cash to somvannda in PP, and I paid siddhesh by paypal.

We've settled this account offline, so closing this as resolved.

Metadata Update from @siddhesh:
- Issue assigned to alick
- Issue tagged with: approved

7 years ago

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