#147 Travel subsidy for NiteshNarayanLal to PhnomPenh 2014
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Event wiki page:​https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:PhnomPenh_2014


Event owner FAS: somvannda|Kong Somvannda & Botreynisa|Ban Botrey Nisa


Item Cost Note Air $661 Travel from India

I would like to request for fund support (from APAC FY2014 budget). Thanks.

'''Additional information'''

I will attend PhnomPenh-2014​​​ to discuss about videos group & other open source projects and groups like omega(https://github.com/movitto/omega/wiki)etc. in which I am involved along with discussing about the issue of how we could increase the Fedora user base so that we could easily crave out a contributor out of it.

I had checked and their is a cheaper flight available, I had added its details in the attached file.

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